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Chase The Winter

We are Niseko’s triple threat accommodation:

What Our Guests Say

Our Rooms

Our rooms are simple and sparse, yet clean and comfortable.

Shared bathroom and toilet facilities are on each floor and we have a number of communal areas for guests to enjoy.

Communal Facilities

Guests don’t spend much time in their rooms. If they’re not on the slopes or roaming Niseko, they are undoubtedly enjoying a local brew at the bar, losing money over ping pong or darts or relaxing in the lounge.

Our rule: go as hard on the mountain as you do in the bar! (A hangover is not an excuse to skip a day on the mountain.)

Trip Advisor

Don’t take our word for it; see what they’re saying on Trip Advisor for the complete low down. You can also see some more photos of the lodge!

  • Single Bunk Room

  • Double Bunk Room

  • Dorm Room

Two Person Bunk Room

Okay, so it won’t be featured in Vogue Living, but our two person bunk rooms are great budget friendly accommodation in Niseko. Comfy beds, sparse and simple, they’ll do a great job for the price.

Maximum guests are two adults or two children, single bed booking available.

Family Bunk Room

Our family rooms allow two adults in the double bed and one offspring in the bunk above (three adults not permitted). A great comfy place to lick your wounds after being out-skied by your own child.

Six Person Dorm Room

This room does have a reputation to uphold.  It’s amongst the cheapest accommodation in Niseko and it has hosted many epic and memorable guests, so respect your predecessors, y’hear.  Three sturdy bunk beds to accommodate six adults and/or children, and single bookings available (if you’re game).



The powder! The snow, the white, white gold… Niseko is number one for a reason, and powder is it. Sure, we have great runs, awesome food and plenty of help for English speaking tourists, but whatever. You’d come for the powder alone and still be back for more. Book early, srsly.


Niseko’s little secret: no crowds, plenty of snow and lots of blue sky days. Cheaper rates, fewer beginners in your way and park runs for days – welcome to Niseko in March and April. Did we mention the parks…


Unlike other resorts that are barren and desolate, Niseko is surprisingly pretty in summer time. Hiking, rafting, golf, biking, balmy 25ºC days and of course, the wonderfully weird and friendly Japanese culture are here for you in a Japanese summer at Niseko.


Take in the colour of the season and the sights and sounds of Japanese cultural festivals as summer winds down. Hit the jump bag, soak in an onsen, then share a few beers and relax as the excitement of the impending pow starts to build.

  • Map

    How do I get to owashi lodge?

    Getting to Owashi Lodge is easy. Get a plane, then get a bus. That’s what 99% of our visitors do. This is one of those occasions where it’s best to follow the crowd.


    188-7 Aza-Yamada
    Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun
    Hokkaido, Japan



    Mobile: +81 90 2076 4242
    Phone: +81 136 55 5111

  • By Air

    New Chitose is the closest airport to Owashi Lodge. Flights
    from Australia typically stop at Narita Airport in Tokyo, then
    it’s a 1hr 45m hour flight to New Chitose Airport. Passengers
    arriving from cities like Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai or
    Taipei can fly direct to New Chitose without stopovers. Some
    international flights also arrive via Kansai Airport in Osaka.

  • By Bus

    This is the cheapest and easiest way to get from New Chitose Airport to Niseko
    Harafu. Buses depart from the airport regularly and stop at the three Niseko
    resorts. We recommend booking your bus transfer in advance with Whiteliner
    Buses or Resort Liner Buses.

    A one way bus ticket costs JPY3,500, return is JPY7,000, and the last bus of the
    day departs at 9:30pm. The trip is 110 kilometres, which can take up to three
    hours in winter due to weather conditions and icy roads. The bus drops you at
    the Hirafu Welcome Centre and Owashi staff will pick you up from there.

    Note: buses are only available during ski season (November – April)

  • By Chartered Bus

    Large groups (or posh people who want a direct transfer) can book a chartered
    bus with HAN Charter using the Owashi Lodge Booking Application.

  • By Train

    Outside of the ski season, train is the best way to get to Niseko Hirafu from New
    Chitose Airport as the direct bus service is suspended. At any time of the year, the
    train is a scenic journey, taking you into Sapporo, and then inland through snow-
    bound mountains, national parks and farmland.

    The train station at New Chitose Airport is in the basement of the airport terminal
    and is easily accessible, with signage in English. Catch a train from New Chitose
    Airport to Otaru, where you need to change trains. At Otaru, look for services head-
    ed to Kutchan or Oshamambe – both will get to the nearby town of Kutchan. The
    journey to Otaru takes X hours and then it’s a further X hours to Kutchan.

    You can then get a taxi from Kutchan to Niseko Hirafu for about JPY3,000 which will
    take 15 minutes. Contact us prior to departure as we may be able to pick you up.

    Book train tickets and see timetables here: www.hyperdia.com/en/

  • By Car

    If you’re just coming to ski and not planning to drive round Hokkaido, don’t bother
    with car rental. The bus or train is cheaper and safer on the icy winter roads. How-
    ever, if you’re the daring type, and plan an epic road trip beyond Niseko, there are
    many car rental options at the airport. We recommend you book ahead with Black
    Diamond Lodge, Mazda Rent a Car, Nippon Rent a Car, Orix Renta Car, or Toyota
    Rent a Car. Set your GPS to avoid tolls, otherwise you’ll be asked for the toll pay-
    ment in Japanese, which has caused confusion for many befuddled foreign drivers.

    We promise not to snigger when you arrive at Owashi.

  • By Hitchhiking

    Are you crazy? No. Just…no.


How do I get to Owashi Lodge?

Hirafu Welcome Center is in area E1 and Owashi Lodge is in area E2 of the Hirafu town map.

If you let us know your arrival time to Hirafu Welcome Center in advance, we will be happy to come and give you a ride to Owashi Lodge. If you arrive earlier than the bus schedule or you can’t find our staff after you get off the bus, go to the information center in the Hirafu Welcome Center and ask them to call us to pick you up. Please note that we normally close our front desk at 21:30 if there is no check-in so if you need to check-in later than 21:30, please let us know in advance.

You can book airport shuttle buses any time after September with the following bus companies:

  • Hokkaido Resort Liner
  • White Liner
  • Niseko Airport Shuttle
  • BigRuns

Alternatively, we’d be happy to arrange it for your arrival/departure. Just email us and we’ll take care of it for you.

What time is check-in and check-out?

Our check-in time is from 14:00 and check-out time is 10:00am. We can keep your bags if you go skiing or snowboarding after 10:00am.

How late can I check-in at night?

We normally close our front desk at 21:30 if there is no scheduled check-in so if you need to check-in later than 21:30, please let us know in advance and we’ll make sure we stay open to accommodate you. Or better yet, we’ll come pick you up at the Welcome Center.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes you can but with certain limitations. See Terms and Conditions for full details.

Can I change my booking?

For details on how you can change your booking, please see Terms and Conditions.

Can three adults stay in one Double Bed Bunk Room or One Single Bunk Room?

No, local regulations do not allow us to sleep three adults in those rooms, so you will need to book two rooms or take three places in the Six Person Dorm Room. One child can share a Double Bunk Room with two parents.

Are there smoking rooms?

No, Owashi Lodge is a no smoking facility.

Are the rooms lockable and is there a security locker available in each room?

Our rooms are lockable but we do not have security lockers in our guest rooms. However, we can keep small things like wallets or passports in our safe at the front desk upon request.

Is bedding provided or do we have to bring our own?

All bedding is provided, including sheets, duvet and pillows. We also provide bath towels but no other toiletry accessories.

Are there heaters in every room?

Yes, each room has its own heater.

Do you provide hair dryers?

Yes, each bathroom on each floor has a hair dryer. However if this is particularly important to you, we recommend you bring your own to be safe.

Do any of your rooms have their own ensuite bathroom?

No, as we’re a backpackers hostel, we only have shared bathroom facilities on each floor. The showers, however, are contained rooms with a small bath and a lockable door so they are completely private.

How many people share the toilets and showers?

We have four bathroom units on each floor with a total of 16 bathrooms in the lodge. Each unit has a stand in bath/shower with an opaque door so there is plenty of privacy. Our building has 50 rooms which is limited to 100 people at maximum capacity.

What if I am not satisfied with my stay?

We are committed to ensuring every guest truly enjoys their stay with us. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your stay, please contact us, we appreciate your feedback.

Is wi-fi available in the lodge, including in the rooms?

Yes we have free, high-speed wi-fi available throughout the lodge, including in the guest rooms.
We also have two computers offering free broadband access for guests.

Can I have help booking activities during my stay?

Yes, visit our information desk and chat to our staff for advice on the many activities and attractions you can enjoy during your stay in Niseko.

Is Owashi Lodge open all year round?

Yes, come and see us in winter, spring, summer or autumn (fall). We are awesome all year round.