The best seasonal job there is!

It was over some beers on a Uni ski trip in September that I was convinced to work a season in Japan and I never would have thought at that time that I would pull a job this good. Working at Owashi Lodge is a blast! Not only is it a dream to be able to shread the sweet sweet japow every single day but it is an absolute pleasure to be able to meet and get to know the amazing people we have stay at Owashi.


Niseko ticks all the boxes; great snow, great food, great nightlife and plenty of other activities and places to relax. There is also a lot of Japanese culture around (if you look for it).

A standard day off for me goes a bit like this: wake up early for first lifts and fresh tracks (hopefully it’s dumped the night before), hike up to the top of the mountain to ski the side country, into the tree runs until lunch, head back to Owashi for a feed and then out again into the terrain park. This is of course followed up by a sweat detox in one of the many onsens, drinks and chatting with guests in our basement bar and then hitting the town for a night out with work mates and new friends.

Sounds pretty freaking great, hey?!


I cannot recommend enough, if you’re young or old, a semi-pro skier or total rookie, to work a season and doing it at Owashi Lodge is top notch ways to guarantee you have the time of your life! You will meet amazing people from all around the world, get to eat and learn to cook the most delicious and diverse cuisine and improve the standard of riding or skiing (or both!) by massive amounts.


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