No Ramen No Life

Ramen Niseko

Spending the season injured and not being able to snowboard in Niseko, the powder capital of the world is like making it to heaven and being rejected at the gate. My frustration has led me to becoming a ramen addict and after multiple ramen encounters with the bro`s (or as we like to call it `Bramen`) I have come up with my top 5 ramen bowls in Hirafu.


  1. Restaurant – Sora

Dish – Spicy Miso

Description – This quiet little Japanese ramen shop has mastered the spicy miso ramen, everything in this dish has the perfect portions to create an all round fantastic taste.

Price: JPY1,150



  1. Restaurant – Niseko Ramen

Dish – Spicy Miso Niseko Ramen

Description – This town favorite has a tasty layer of potato foam that’s unlike anything you have tried before. With enough spice to take your beanie off and a delicious soup it comes in close at 2nd. The only downfall is that it lacks filling so I recommend adding the sliced pork and egg.

Price – JPY1,200 extra pork JPY150 extra egg JPY100

Honorable mention – Kimichi spicy garlic ramen



  1. Restaurant – Moon Bar

Dish – Devil Ramen

Description – The devil ramen can either be a burning fiery hell or a really delicious dish depending on what level you choose. If you feel like having a sore ringer and your photo on the wall then go for the level 7 otherwise I found that level one still packs some heat with a strong chilli flavor. As always, adding pork and egg is highly recommended.

Price –JPY980

Honourable mention – Miso Sesame Ramen


  1. Restaurant – Tozanken

Dish – Jumbo Ramen

Description – The jumbo makes my list purely on value, it comes in a bowl bigger than the average human head with a massive pork snitty floating on top all for JPY1300. Bring a big apetite.

Price – JPY1,300


  1. Restaurant – Sapporo shisen hanten.

Dish – Tantanmen ramen ( Spicy miso sesame flavor )

Description – I know this isn`t in Hirafu but its my number 1 so I had to throw it in. Its located in a tiny little shop with no more than 6 seats in the basement floor of Esta department store in Sapporo. This is by far the best Ramen I have had, the spicy sesame miso flavor is absolutely amazing paired with minced meat and greens, if your in the area it’s a must visit.

Price – JPY1,300

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